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Angie started her bookselling career over seventeen years ago as a high school student at Borders in East Memphis. Her unflinching love of books and all things literary has since taken her all the way from midtown Memphis to Portland, Oregon, where she was a senior bookseller at the legendary Powell's Books for eleven plus years. Though she loved her time in Portland, her heartstrings kept tugging her southward. Now happily residing back in her much-missed hometown (oh, how she yearned for BBQ and good music and honeysuckle and her family and kind manners!), Angie spends her days pushing paper at Novel, chasing her wildflower toddlers, adventuring with her dear husband, enjoying live music, savoring time with her extended family, and trying new recipes. She is thrilled to be back in Memphis among some of the best, most passionate booksellers in the region.

Favorite Quote: 
"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." 
-Leonard Cohen