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Lilith (Hardcover)

Lilith By Eric Rickstad Cover Image
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From the internationally bestselling author of I Am Not Who You Think I Am--a New York Times Thriller of the Year--comes Lilith, an incendiary powerhouse of a novel that strikes straight at the wounded heart of America.

Mother. Hero. Villain. Killer.

After her son, Lydan, suffers traumatic injuries in a school shooting, single mom Elisabeth Ross grows enraged at men in power. If they won't do anything to help end this epidemic of violence, she will. Believing it's her destiny, she sets out to awaken the world to the cowards these men are and commits her own shocking act of violence.

Going by the name Lilith--the first wife of Adam who fled Eden rather than serve a man--she posts a video of her crime that reverberates throughout society.

Praised by some, demonized by others, and hunted by the FBI and vigilantes alike, Elisabeth must keep her identity a secret as she tries to care for her son.

As events take startling twists, Elisabeth begins to question her act of violence and the very roots and mythology of violence itself. Was her act justified, or has she become the monster that the original Lilith was accused of being?

As the FBI draws closer and Lydan starts to display odd, terrifying behavior, Elisabeth plots to avoid capture and keep her son safe at all costs, fearing she'll never escape what she's done without losing her son forever.

Written with Rickstad's singular command of language, human insight, and unnerving suspense, Lilith is a tale of our times. Tragic and profound, it echoes in the mind and lingers in the blood.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781094000749
ISBN-10: 1094000744
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: March 19th, 2024
Pages: 278
Language: English