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The Wholesaling Blueprint: Real Estate Investing with No Money out of your Pocket (The Real Estate Investors Blueprint #2) (Paperback)

The Wholesaling Blueprint: Real Estate Investing with No Money out of your Pocket (The Real Estate Investors Blueprint #2) By Luke Weber Cover Image
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This is book number 2 in the The Real Estate Investors Blueprint series.


This is the book you have been looking for! Forget all the fluff books out there with amazing titles but limited information, this is truly a blueprint on how to wholesale real estate in any market! This is your textbook, your master class on how to wholesale real estate. The Wholesaling Blueprint is your guide to the art of finding properties, getting them under contract and then assigning your interest in that contract to a final buyer and collecting a fee for your services. These fees can range from a few hundred dollars to well over $100,000 per property! Within The Wholesaling Blueprint are the detailed how's, when's, why's and what's of this business and they include everything from where to find properties, how to negotiate them, actual contracts to use, how to find buyers and how to grow your business into a profit machine. Since 2003 Luke Weber has been successfully investing in real estate and within these pages he is giving you the blueprint on how to start, manage and profit by wholesaling real estate. Tired of seeing so many people try and fail or never take action, he has documented what he does in his business day in and day out so you can reach your goals and profit in the art of wholesaling real estate.

About the Author

Luke Weber has been involved in 1,000s of real estate transactions over the last 18 years and he is still actively investing in real estate across the country. His blueprint series of books are full of tips, tricks, formulas and secrets that he uses in his business in the current market. These are not outdated principals or false promises. With an emphasis on safe investing for higher returns, Luke has used his real estate appraisal knowledge as the backdrop for delivering information that can change your life!

In between his real estate businesses, Luke and his family enjoy the fruits of their labor by traveling the world. Real estate investing can be the key to changing your future, however, as Luke says, "if you don't change your path, your destination can't change."

If you want even more tips and tricks and updates, make sure to join "The Flipping Blueprint Group" group page on Facebook where the Author and other investors are helping, growing, teaching and sharing every day!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098304218
ISBN-10: 1098304217
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: July 27th, 2020
Pages: 164
Language: English
Series: The Real Estate Investors Blueprint