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Soap and Candle Making Business Startup 2021-2022: Step-by-Step Guide to Start, Grow and Run your Own Home-based Soap and Candle Making Business in 30 (Hardcover)

Soap and Candle Making Business Startup 2021-2022: Step-by-Step Guide to Start, Grow and Run your Own Home-based Soap and Candle Making Business in 30 Cover Image
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How to turn a pleasurable pastime into a booming business

Do you have a special soap recipe that's proven to be effective with your children's skin sensitivities?

Do your handmade soap gifts to your friends often get compliments and requests for more?

If so, you might want to share your talents with a wider market and earn some extra income at the same time.

With the popularity of clean and natural living in recent years, handmade bath products have become increasingly appealing for people who wish to stay away from harmful chemicals in commercially made goods.

That popularity is also reflected in the rise of soap making classes. In fact, you may have even started honing your craft in one of these classes yourself.

While most will just try it for fun, if you've got a knack for mixing oils and picking out scents, you could be sitting on the perfect business opportunity

The global handmade soap industry is valued at $150 million worldwide, and it is expected to grow even further. Getting even just a small share of this segment could be very lucrative.

However, just because you're good at making soap doesn't mean you'll easily be raking in money.

Starting and running a business requires more than a great product.

You'll need to comply with government requirements, manage your finances, market and sell your soaps, and compete with other handmade soap makers.

Don't ruin your chances of success -- take the time to get to know what it takes to start a successful business.

In Soap Making Business Startup 2021, you will discover:

  • How to customize existing recipes and formulate your own to make a product that's uniquely yours
  • Which regulations apply to your soaps so you don't unknowingly break any laws and risk getting shut down
  • Why you should only be spending 20% of your time making soap, and what you should do with the remaining 80%
  • How to stand out in a crowded market and generate a loyal customer base who will repeatedly buy your products
  • Simple tips to reduce your operating costs and increase your profits without sacrificing quality
  • A must-have for any business to protect your assets and give you peace of mind
  • The fast and easy way to expand your offerings and grow your market without adding to your inventory

Plus, as a bonus: In Candle Making Business 2021, you'll find everything you need to turn your passion into a successful startup. You'll discover:

  • A step-by-step overview of the different types of candles so you can be sure you're always on the right track
  • The secret to running a successful business when the idea of 'business' makes you want to cry
  • Up-to-date information on everything you need to know about licensing, legalities and safety laws

And much more.

Whether you just want to make some extra money, or you want to start your own soap empire, the basic steps are the same.

Even if you have zero business experience, you can easily follow the information provided and establish your own soap company in as little as a month.

Make your hobby more worthwhile. Let more people experience your creations and reap the financial rewards.

If you're ready to take your soap making to the next level and enjoy the sweet smell of success, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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ISBN: 9781914207426
ISBN-10: 1914207424
Publisher: Muze Publishing
Publication Date: January 10th, 2021
Pages: 322
Language: English