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Understanding Man's Search for Meaning: Reflections on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy (Hardcover)

Understanding Man's Search for Meaning: Reflections on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy By Elisabeth S. Lukas, Joseph B. Fabry (Translator) Cover Image
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In Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl told the story of his experience in the Nazi concentration camps, and outlined the basis for finding meaning in life, which he called logotherapy. Elisabeth Lukas is one of Frankl's foremost students, and has written numerous books and given lectures and training courses around the world.

This book contains a distillation of the writings of Elisabeth Lukas, based on decades of reflection on, and application of, the core ideas embodied in the logotherapy of Viktor Frankl. Available for the first time in English, this collection of articles and keynote addresses gives further insights into topics including:

  • The role of meaning in finding health
  • Moving beyond self-actualization toward self-transcendence
  • How our view of past, present, and future can be healing: "no tic temporality"
  • The importance of "key words" in preventing the imposition of values
  • How relapses can be reduced using the concepts of logotherapy
  • Unique characteristics of logotherapy that distinguish it from other approaches

From the book:

Logotherapy is often nothing but the correction of a "how" in a patient's viewpoint. The future will give 50 lashes or 50 gold pieces. It will reward or punish for the views and attitudes chosen--attitudes to the same situations For the attitude: "Why should I take care of my children? No one took care of me " it will strike such an individual 20 years later when the great distance to his or her children causes great pain. For the attitude: "I suffered as a child, so I want to spare my children that lot " it will place something precious into that person's hands 20 years later, when the children give their warm greetings and affection. (p. 35)

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