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The Gomer Anointing: A Calling to Deliver a Nation (Paperback)

The Gomer Anointing: A Calling to Deliver a Nation By Stacia V. Hunter Cover Image
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In the history of love stories, one of the most incredible and heartbreaking is about the enduring love Hosea had for Gomer, which is found in the Old Testament. God instructed the prophet Hosea to marry a "wife of harlotry," for the land had committed harlotry.

In The Gomer Anointing, author Stacia V. Hunter offers a reverential look at the story of Gomer, providing insight into the biblical "harlot" and describes modern-day women and any possible connections between them, including loss of spirituality. Hunter narrates how today's Gomer is trapped in an identity crisis and engaged in war to water down God's word to fit her unfitness. She's played the harlot to the nation that battles political wars on social media. She's uncovered by her vulgarity and her lewdness on the internet. She's full of her fleshly desires and has behaved shamefully due to her intoxication of her own enslaved heart by offering sexual perversion on television and movies.

Hunter discusses how the book of Hosea is a narrative bursting with prophetic and poetic intent, which mirrors the divine romance between God and his covenant people. The Gomer Anointing examines whether today's Gomer is redeemable.

About the Author

Stacia V. Hunter attended Jackson State University where she majored in mass communications. She also studied management at Belhaven College and theological studies at Ekklesia School of Theology, Jackson, Mississippi. A native of Jackson, she is an ordained minister at New Horizon Church International (Fellowship of International Churches), a 3,500-member congregation. Hunter has served on the prophetic-deliverance ministry, minister's fellowship executive board, and as lead facilitator for women's book studies.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781973649250
ISBN-10: 197364925X
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication Date: January 14th, 2019
Pages: 62
Language: English