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How to Talk Dirty: Increase Sexual Energy Between You and Your Partner and F*ck Him by Following Your Forbidden Erotic Desires or Dirtier (Paperback)

How to Talk Dirty: Increase Sexual Energy Between You and Your Partner and F*ck Him by Following Your Forbidden Erotic Desires or Dirtier By Emily Naughty Cover Image
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Do you engage in talking dirty, or consider trying it in your new relationship, with an occasional lover, or to reignite a long-term marriage bond?
Sexual does not only stop at a physical level.
A bedroom is an adventurous place where many sexually explicit activities can be explored, though, many couples and people settle for the mediocre over a period of time and miss out on the many benefits of developing a vocabulary of dirty, naughty, explicit language for play.
Talking dirty has many benefits:
  • It's a fun and effective way of introducing your partner to many ways of playing new and exciting scenarios in the bedroom and other places for fun
  • Enhancing your long-term marriage or relationship
  • Building fun and exciting start to a new sexual relationship and making it last
  • Exploring unique and interesting ways to get freaky and kinky with your lover
  • Improving your communication for stronger and more intense experiences in your sex life.
  • And more
You don't have to be an expert in the field of sexual experimentation or kink to enjoy a fulfilling sex life with dirty talk. In this book, you'll discover easy words, techniques, and ways to choose the custom wording and phrases that will drive your lover wild:
  • Introducing your partner to the concept of expressing their innermost desires and fetishes
  • A guide for beginners new to naughty language in the bedroom
  • Intermediate and advanced ideas and concepts, with examples, about how to roleplay, and encourage the use of dirty talking: taking it to the next level
  • Giving your partner the sexual fantasies that they want and fulfilling your own at the same time
  • Exploring new places, scenes, ideas, and venturing outside the boundaries of your comfort zone in a fun way, and using naughty language to do it
  • Overcoming inhibitions and shyness to enjoy a wide range of kinky talk
  • And more
Your concerns, questions, and thoughts are all addressed in each chapter, which delves into a wide range of subjects, including BDSM, roleplaying, examples of how to engage your partner are specific scenes and scenarios, and indulging in fetishes. There are many ways to use dirty talking with your partner, including online messaging, texting, and voice mail.

Examples of simple lines that tease your partner and arouse them in advance, so they look forward to seeing you later.

A trail of hints, clues, and other ideas that are planted in your lover's mind, all through simple texts, even single words, from your phone. Every day is an opportunity to engage with your partner or lover, to plan for an exciting sexual adventure.

Verbal and non-verbal sexual innuendos, subtle comments, and dirty, gritty words are all part of the exciting world of erotic language. This book will give you the tools and beginner's advice you need to start your own brand of kinky language and fun in your relationship. Taking things to the next level with a few sexual words can make a major impact on how well your sex life develops and builds over a lifetime.
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ISBN: 9798622775635
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 8th, 2020
Pages: 224
Language: English