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While we're not always hiring, we are always accepting résumés from friendly, helpful, bookish souls.

Being a bookseller involves everything from shelving books to ringing up purchases, chatting with customers, making recommendations, and hunting up specific titles. Being a bookseller ALSO means - learning about the exciting behind-the-scenes world of the book industry, access to advance copies of your favorite forthcoming books, meeting and helping host your favorite authors, getting to know our awesome customers, and being part of a big extended family of independent booksellers, not just in our building, but all over the country.

Side effects may include: store discount, benefits for full-timers, free advance copies of books, having your friends, family, and strangers constantly asking what you're reading, looking forward to coming to work, and learning something new every day

If you’re interested in slinging books with us, please stop by the store and complete an application.