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Carly's a born and bred Memphian who always had a book dream. (Seriously. Her plan for life when she was 3 years old was to own a bookstore that had a tiny door for kids and to live in the back and sneak into the store at night to read all the books. She promises she doesn't do that at Novel.)

When she's not at Novel, Carly is a tax preparer (Enrolled Agent, to be exact), lifelong theatre person, and doer of many jobs with a penchant for cheesy carbs, cross stitching, and books of many kinds. She's spent the many of her "adult" years pretending to be small children onstage, most notably Peter Pan, Pinkalicious, and Junie B. Jones (all multiple times).

When she’s not helping you find a book, ringing you up at the register, or trying to convince you to read her favorites, Carly is probably reading while cuddling with her pup, Rocky, playing board games with her wife, Nikki, or stubbing her toes on things because she’s inordinately clumsy. She likes lists in threes.