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In the book business since 2009

Jamie is barely a child of the 80's, was born in the fall, and has issues with academics, avoidance, tardiness, laziness, hygiene, spelling, snobbery, guilt, sensitivity, anxiety, and fast-food addiction. He is pathetically obedient to authority and is easily spooked. Please do not take advantage of these weaknesses by giving him an order or saying his name suddenly. He has experienced periods of responsibility, creativity, and drive, but has never failed to ultimately give up on his life goals, such as a hot body, a laid-back personality, and fame (for anything). He is undoubtedly a good-sport and surface-level nice. Jamie is not religious or very political, choosing instead to be a movie-lover. He is, as evidenced by the previous sentence, sort of pretentious, but not smart enough to justify it, and is dreadfully long-winded, as exemplified by this sentence, and the paragraph it lives in. His hobbies have included writing and illustrating and he is an obsessive ranker of things (like in High Fidelity). He's probably obsessive compulsive, but can't quite afford to find out for sure. Big fan of One Piece, The Best Show, Mad Men, and Corinne. Not in that order. 

Current favorite movies:

1.) The Passion of Joan of Arc
2.) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
3.) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
4.) The Apartment
5.) Alien
6.) Rear Window
7.) Casablanca
8.) Dr. Strangelove
9.) Jaws
10.) The Shining
11.) Nights of Cabiria
12.) All About Eve
13.) Amadeus
14.) Key Largo
15.) Bridge on the River Kwai
16.) 12 Angry Men
17.) Punch-Drunk Love
18.) The Shop Around the Corner
19.) Ball of Fire
20.) The Awful Truth