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Junior Booksellers + Bookseller Interns 2024


Junior Bookseller and Bookseller Intern applications are available behind the register at Novel starting today, Wednesday, 5/1.

Deadline for applications is Sunday, 5/19.

To mirror the way adult booksellers are hired, we will be offering our application in store only to be taken home and filled out by both parents and kids! (But don't worry -- there's no wrong way to fill out a Junior Bookseller or Bookseller Intern app, and everyone who applies is accepted! We just want to get to know our squad a little -- and get them "thinking like a bookseller" -- before the summer starts!)

  • Junior Bookseller applications will be available to rising Kindergarteners through rising 6th graders.
  • Our Bookseller Intern program (unpaid, but flexible, fun & no stress!) is for rising 7th to rising 12th graders.

Novel's Junior Bookseller and Bookseller Intern programs are flexible, low-commitment programs designed to give younger readers the chance to sample what it's like to be a bookseller! All registrants will receive a starter packet at the beginning of the summer. They'll be given the opportunity to sign up for "floor shifts" if they wish, during which they can write shelftalkers, help our children's manager with projects, read a book, talk to a friend, or even help customers pick out kids' books! They'll also have the chance to participate in other activities we will schedule in store throughout the summer.

Please contact program coordinator Kat Leache ( with any questions! 

Hope to see y'all soon!