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Lillian Kay’s absolute childhood dream was to work at Davis-Kidd Booksellers. From Harry Potter book release parties, book signings meeting favorite childhood authors, and hours spent discovering novels that would change her life, her childhood was deeply rooted there. When she was old enough to legally work the first thing she wanted to do was apply to the bookstore, and when she was legally able to drive the thing she looked most forward to was being able to drive to the bookstore on her own. When she met a new friend that worked at the restaurant inside the store she immediately thought that friend was the coolest person ever and begged her to get her a job there. Which she did! And so Lillian spent 2 years (until Booksellers closed) waiting tables, soaking in the bookish atmosphere, befriending amazing booksellers, and still wishing she was an actual bookseller. Needless to say, Lillian is thrilled to finally officially be working at the bookstore, especially after the closing scare, 3 name changes, and various other obstacles. 


Lillian firmly believes you should never go anywhere without a good book in case of emergency, loves to creep through people’s bookshelves when visiting their homes, and doesn’t go a day without thinking about Harry Potter. Aside from her passion for books (plot twist), she spends the majority of her time being active and is a personal trainer, crossfit coach, swim instructor, and group fitness instructor. She teaches academic physical education courses through a graduate assistantship at the University of Memphis, where she is currently earning her Master’s Degree in Health Promotion. Lillian loves cooking healthy food, magazines, laughing, all things wellness (which includes relaxing with books!), crossfit, biking, hiking, and learning.