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Having spent much of his early life toddling around the college bookstore managed by his mother, Mark Adkins developed an unhealthy childhood “issue” with book binding glue. The effects on his young brain were not without consequence, as he eventually became an advertising copywriter where he spent 30 years creating disruptive fiction designed to encourage people to act now! learn more! save big! sign up! and call or click for more details! 

Today, as a bookseller at Novel., Mark has managed to steer his adhesive-centric addiction into a healthier encore career where he tries his best to guide avid readers toward subject matter they can enjoy uninterrupted – on their own time, on their own terms – without having to suffer through his bouts of hyperbolic puffery. Although if he occasionally sniffs the air and blurts out the phrase “Eligibility requirements apply, member FDIC!”, it is possible to re-center Mark by asking him about his favorite book topics: nature and outdoor writing, coming-of-age stories, survival sagas, the 1960s British Invasion and quirky fiction/non-fiction. 

If that doesn’t work, just walk away calmly and tell the manager on duty that the guy holding the spine of McElligot’s Pool up to his nose might need a little fresh air.