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Olivia is forever jazzed to be a bookseller at Novel, loving both the books and people under its roof! She returned to Memphis after getting her Masters in Irish Theatre History and Archives from the National University of Ireland Galway. Before that, she received her BA in Anthropology/Sociology and Theatre at Rhodes College, which is what brought her to Memphis in the first place. Originally from New York, she maintains that pizza is only pizza if you can fold it. She invites you to come to the store and debate that with her, if you dare. She enjoys reading, knitting in public, participating in the local theatre scene (which she recommends you check out), cuddling with her beagle, and pursuing academic degrees with very long titles. Olivia's reading interests vary and aren't defined by one genre or style, giving her a pretty good shot at finding a book you'll love!

Favorite Books: 
Rush: A Novel Cover Image
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