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Twenty Something

SKU: 9781729813232

About the book: 

Twenty Something is a fun and easy to step-by-step guide on surviving your twenties (and beyond). The book offers advice on the transition from childhood to adulthood. Most of these lessons Carlissa had to learn the hard way, and she shares these experiences in intimate detail in each chapter of the book. Whether it is read a page for page or as a reference for specific topics, Twenty Something is a wealth of information Carlissa wishes she had in her twenties. 

About the author: 

A mix of southern charm and urban sophistication, Carlissa was born and raised in the Northern part of Memphis. Her Tennessee roots run deep, as she earned my B.S in Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University and her J.D. at The University of Memphis. 

She has always had a passion for writing and storytelling. She started her writing career as a weekly contributor to The New Tri-State Defender. Carlissa has contributed to a number of local publications and recently launched her own blog 

Carlissa is the mother of an active toddler and also dedicates a significant amount of time to developing Memphis and her community. She looks forward to her release of her debut book Twenty Something.

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