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Bookseller, Books and Gifts Merchandiser
In the book business since 2015

A northerner by birth and southerner by choice, Sydnie grew up moving quite a bit, so loving to read just came with the package. She is currently in and out of college at the University of Memphis and if she has her way, will eventually graduate with a degree in Foreign Languages with a focus in Japanese. She is mother to two amazing cat babies, Calcifer and Grimalkin, who keep her pretty busy with cat related business.

Although she does consider herself somewhat musical (she has enjoyed playing the violin since second grade) if you ask her about a reasonably popular band she'll probably have no idea what you’re talking about. Yes, this keeps her awake at night.

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror are the loves in Sydnie's life. Any film or book that falls under that genre, she's almost guaranteed to appreciate. She thinks that graphic novels, manga, and anime are perfect in every way and that short story collections help make the world go round. On average Sydnie will typically have 3-4 books (including graphic novels and audio books) in rotation to keep up with her changing moods. She also replicates this in the form of coffee mugs.

She love Memphis and the bookstore and the family she's found here. She hopes you'll come and see us!